How Do WE Do It?

The Process of which the goods arrives at ours and reaching the Customers


Goods arrives sealed and palatalised to make sure they not treated as a box where it could be thrown around by courier company staff.


Every device is 100% charged and battery is checked at the end of test process to make sure customer doesn’t receive phone with dead battery.


Serial numbers are used as a product ID, we generate bar-code for each device so they can be traceable in the future. 


Every device is activated before testing started.


10 Points Test is carried out before any device is packed and shipped to customers.


The goods are well packed and all necessary labels are attached to shipment in line with Health and Safety  regulations at Airlines request.


Whether the goods are collected from us by customers or courier, they are handled carefully,


To make sure goods are shipped quickly we do often deliver to be shipped out in time to Customers. 

On the Skies

International Shipments are loaded to cargo planes to their final destinations.